He hears the shots being fired at Said behind him. Rida is running. He is throwing up. The spit on his face and on his clothes is no reason to hold back. He keeps running. He hears shots being fired again, far away in the distance. They killed Said, shot him at close range.

Just a few years ago they robbed jewelry shops all over the country together. Now they kill each other using AK 47’s in the battle for cocaine and millions of dollars. In the port of Antwerp 200 kilos of cocaine disappears and they are all accusing each other. It’s a war, not just in Amsterdam, but all over the Netherlands, Belgium and even Morocco. But who is battling whom and why exactly?

Mocro Maffia tells the inside story about the rise of a new generation of criminals. A story about money, ambition, hubris and treachery.



* Mocro Maffia was published in October 2014, and is still on the bestseller lists. It has sold more than 60,000 copies

* Read a sample translation here, containing the prologue of the book, a profile of Rida Bennajem - one of the killers of the Mocro Maffia, who got killed himself in 2013 -, a great article in The Independent on the Mocro Maffia, and a recent piece in The Guardian.

* The arrest of Naoufal Fassih - who is linked to the Mocro Maffia and the Kinahan Gang - in Dublin created quite a stir in the media. Read this article on Carl Fellstrom's blog, and some news reports

* Mocro Maffia was shortlisted for the prestigious Brusse Award 2015, an award for investigative journalism

* Mocro Maffia is true crime at its best, a gripping story about young boys looking for a better future in a world filled with drugs, violence and murder


Wouter Laumans is a writer, journalist and tv editor. He writes about crime for Panorama and Nieuwe Revu.

Marijn Schrijver is a journalist and editor in chief for Nieuwe Revu.



‘Very detailed, filmic and with a good sense for drama’ Vrij Nederland

‘Laumans and Schrijver present their findings as an exciting story, laced with underworld jargon’ **** Het Parool

‘A very insightful book, thanks to the praiseworthy work ethic of the authors’ De Telegraaf




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