About the book

The world stops turning on August 3, 2010. While it’s clear that it happened around 11:30 PM, scientists will be discussing the exact time for years. Admittedly, the difference between the official NASA time and that of the Observatoire de Paris is a mere 4.8 seconds, but it’s enough for a lingering feud between the two. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute leaves it at 23:27:19 PM. Lit streets, warm water, and medicine are a luxury, and the borders between cities and whole countries have been closed. Slowly but surely, however, everyone seems to have been able to adapt to the dark.

Everyone, except for Bram van der Stok, history teacher in Amsterdam. One day Bram packs his things and leaves. Going underneath the blockade enclosing Amsterdam, he then rides his bicycle over a desolated highway toward the once famed Port of Rotterdam, in order to get aboard a cargo ship to America. To the sun. To Leslie. 


Good to know

  • Bosch is an acclaimed screenwriter, writing for both television and film.
  • Critics praised the writing style of his debut novel, and its plot ready to be made into a film right away.
  • Film rights sold even before the book had been published.


About the author

Willem Bosch (1986) is a writer and director, known for the acclaimed TV shows Feuten and Van God Los as well as the films Bellicher: Cel and Sunny Side Up. Flatline is his debut novel. 



‘Every once in a while a young writer will debut and dwarf all others, with a novel making clear from the very first paragraph that its author is averse to tradition and sluggish conformism. Willem Bosch is one of those young writers’ de Volkskrant






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