Once he was a member of the most famous pop duo in the Netherlands. But after the split-up with Bob, the narrator of this dazzling story is lost. Soon, he seeks solace in drugs and alcohol. When a friend asks him to ship her beloved dog called Roadie from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, he feels this could be his way out.

The roadtrip that leads them all across the United States becomes a classic adventure that urges him to look back on relationships lost, the rise and fall of the band, his weight problems, but most of all to deal with his inner demons.

On the road with Roadie is a thrilling, witty novel about friendship, music, loss, and the art of living.



  • A story about hitting rock bottom, redemption, and finding your way back again

  • First novel of one of the most famous singers and actors in the Netherlands

  • Huge media campaign – radio, TV, magazines and papers

  • First printrun of 25,000 copies



Thomas Acda (1967) is a singer and an actor. Being a member of Acda & De Munnik, he sold 2 million records. He starred in many TV shows and films, including the box office hits All Stars and Love is All, for which he was awarded a Rembrandt. Premiering this September, he will star in the new TV series Bureau Raampoort.



Me and Bob, we kept on being famous. We did many things, we did different things. But along the way I lost my mind. Everywhere I went I was a charming guy, but behind closed doors I became this pathetic, drinking and smoking loudmouth, because I thought I wasn’t any good. The problem was, I didn’t know I was being so obnoxious. So I raised my voice to another level.

But somehow I felt it, and a small voice somewhere deep inside myself tried to convince me of something. But if I yelled just hard enough, I couldn’t hear it. But I knew what it was whispering: ‘You’re a nobody. You’re a nobody. A charlatan. A nobody.’ (I know, my inner voice wasn’t known for its vast vocabulary.) The yelling became so incessant that both Bob and my ex gave me a choice: therapy, or out. After some more yelling, ‘without me you’re nothing,’ which you could easily reverse, I yelled for a taxi and went to see a therapist, two blocks down the road. That’s the man I had become. 





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