Belgium, the nineties. Hannah and Sophie are twelve and share all their secrets, like only twelve-year-old girls do. When Hannah starts ‘dating’ Damiaan, their friendship changes drastically. Then, one November night, Sophie disappears…

Eighteen years later Hannah lives in New York. She works for a glossy magazine as a columnist but decides to withdraw to a Brooklyn flat and write a book about writers who famously disappeared: Agatha Christie, Barbara Follett and Virgina Woolf. 

Hannah's life gets more and more entangled with the lives of the famous writers. As she describes their life stories, she rediscovers her own and finally confronts the dark truth about that November night.

What happened eighteen years ago? What is Hannah hiding? What happened to Sophie?



• Rights sold to Laura Brown at Harper Collins Perennial

• The novel was originally published in 2015 under the title The Six Lives Of Sophie. Sarah Meuleman 'remixed' her debut in 2016 and has come up with a new 'edit' of the novel

• Meuleman seamlessly weaves together the story of a young girl’s disappearance with the disappearance of famous authors such as Agatha Christie, Barbara Follett and Virgina Woolf

• The story takes place in Belgium, contemporary New York and England during the First World War

The Antelope Knife was shortlisted for the Bronzen Uil in 2016, the prestigious Flemish award for best first novel of the year

• Read a sample from the novel here

• Great English spoken trailer available (see below)


Sarah Meuleman is a Belgian writer, journalist and presenter. In 2015 she published her first novel The Six Lives of Sophie, which received much critical praise in the media and was nominated for the Bronzen Uil, for best literary debut of 2015.

In the beginning of 2016 however, she ‘remixed’ her debut novel and presented a new version with the title What I Did Not Tell You, which, again, received much critical acclaim.

Sarah is an accomplished moderator and interviewer. She was co-creator and host of the television show Sarah’s Savages. Sarah is a Vogue columnist and has written many interviews with international artists, politicians and celebrities. She studied Germanic Philology (University of Ghent) and Literature (University of Amsterdam, cum laude).

The American and Canadian rights to The Six Lives of Sophie have recently been bought by Harper Collins New York. 

More about Sarah here.


“Every other page you’ll find something unsettling, something that stays with you. With her mosaic-like storytelling Meuleman has made an exquisite entry into the literary arena.” de Volkskrant

The Antelope Knife is the debut of the year.” Susan Smit in Happinez


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