During the mid-nineties fourteen year old Tommie and his parents move to Seedorf, in Germany, where his father is being stationed as an officer in the Dutch army. He ends up in a dull suburb and finds it hard to make friends there.  At school or among other kids of Dutch soldiers he soon has more enemies than friends.

When young soldier Tjendol introduces him into a world of drugs, violence and ‘gabber’-house, there seems to come and end to Tommie’s loneliness.  A suffocating friendship between the two ensues, to which Tommie clings, even when Tjendol is being sent abroad on a mission in the former Yugoslavia.

In Totemdier Arafat  Mick Johan escorts the reader into a dark and slightly absurdist world of a teenager brimming with testosterone, anger, fear and insecurity. A grim fairy-tale about growing up. 


* Our main first novel fall 2016

* Set on a military base in Germany, this is a spectacular coming of age novel

* Author is a true multi talent, with a big following


Mick Johan (1980) is a writer, artist and drummer.  He was half of artist-duo Miktor & Molf and the first editor-in-chief of Vice in the Netherlands.  He grew up in Germany, as the son of a soldier. Totemdier Arafat is his first novel.


I don’t feel like going to my new school. I haven’t met anyone here yet, apart from some of my father’s colleagues and their wives. There is a Dutch supermarket nearby the compound. Whenever I go there with my mum I sometimes see someone my age. I avoid eye contact. I’d rather avoid all contact and spend my three years here alone with my anger. I would nurture my anger and raise it to become a tangible, festering ball of puss the size of a planet. After these three years it would be throbbing and ripe and I would let it explode over Seedorf, while driving away from it for good. Everybody dies. Their cries for help smothered in the puss of my anger. My three wasted years will leave a scorch mark on the surface of the earth and a sour smell, so that all surrounding windows and doors have to stay shut. Men in white uniforms, from different institutions, will walk the black soil with their measuring equipment. Seedorf will become the Tjernobyl of my anger.

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