About the book

Loet Zimmerman’s world is divided in eight periods of 50 minutes each. For 40 years he has been the guy responsible for the time periods at a high school; now he is retiring. On his way back from the farewell party his watch gets stolen. This event turns his carefully structured world upside down and gives way to a sadness he has managed to tuck away for a long time, the loss of his wife Lucy.

Zimmerman is convinced his attacker is still after him. When neither his son nor the police is willing to help him, he sees no other option than to take matters into his own hands.

Zimmerman’s Hour is a gripping and moving first novel about loss, fear, and the battle against time.


Good to know

  • Loet Zimmerman is a loveable anti-hero who reminds us of Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt. You can not but love him. Berkvens’ style is witty and dry, with which she achieves a maximum emotional effect
  • Author lives in Berlin and is currently writing her second novel, set in Germany in 1989 and 2016
  • Karolien Berkvens is represented by Kathrin Scheel's agency This Book Travels. You can find her page here
  • German rights sold to Droemer Verlag
  • Zimmerman's Hour is shortlisted for the prestigious Diorapthe Literatour Prijs, a prize for books that appeal to young readers. Read about it here
  • Sample translations in German and in English
  • We publish stories by Karolien on our blog, on a regular basis

About the author

Karolien Berkvens (1986) studied Theatre at the University of Amsterdam and is the author of several plays. She lives and works in Berlin.






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