When a young writer is confronted with the demise of his publishing house, he sees his commercial possibilities diminish. He clings to every assignment that comes along. It starts with the design of a new level for a popular game, but soon the assignments take him for a hallucinatory ride across the planet.

In Madrid he discovers the underground hideouts of the outcasts of the city; in surreal Kazachstan he is trapped in an uproar that is as frightening as it is absurd, until he finally washes up on the shores of apocalyptic Tokyo.

Jungle is a novel about our turbulent times and a meditation on the madness of the world. But above all Jungle tries to make sense of it all.



  • Joost Vandecasteele is a true phenomenon in Flemish literature
  • Jungle got some great press in Belgium in Holland. De Morgen wrote: 'Fastpaced, sometimes hilarious, but above all disturbing' and NRC Handelsblad called it 'A unique novel'
  • Read a sample translation here
  • A great review was published on the Flanders Today website (in English)
  • After the terror attacks in Brussels, Joost wrote two very impressive articles, that were both published by Het Parool. You can find them here
  • A great review of Jungle appeared on the Flanders Today website
  • His columns and stand-up comedy shows explore the madness of our times
  • Two previous titles - How the World Functions Without Me and Mass - were translated into Spanish by Tropo Editores
  • Next to writing, Joost Vandecasteele is also developing a tv series, and a mobile game (with Happy Volcano) called Winter


Joost Vandecasteele (1979) is one of the most influential writers of his generation. For his debut collection Hoe de wereld perfect funtioneert zonder mij he was awarded the Flemish First Novel Award. His novels Opnieuw en opnieuw en opnieuw and Massa were nominated for the BNG Literature Prize. Vandecasteele is also a well-known stand-up comedian; in Fall 2016 his new comedy series will premiere on national television. In 2017 he published Bella, 'a novel in images'. Check the trailer here.



‘Joost Vandecasteele is something unique in modern Flemish literature.’ De Standaard der Letteren

"Vandecasteele’s novels are full of intricate ideas and surreal situations. Jungle, however, is a novel of ideas with a strong social conscience. It’s original, fast-paced and confuses, inspires and entertains at turns." Rebecca Benoot, Flanders Today (full review here)




Bella started as a book to be read out-loud, with an ambition to make literature exciting and urgent again.  Bella is not meant for eternity but for NOW.

Bella is the story of a girl, born just after the Era of Big Doubt, roaming the Super-duper Highway, the strip of asphalt, cast over the equator.  It’s an amazing story full of fantastic made-up stuff, such as pills to stimulate egoism, far too polite aliens and a recently discovered god with a lisp.

Bella is mad laughing mirror asking you why you’re actually laughing, a grotesque crystal ball predicting a future that’s just around the corner.  In short, a fabulous mix between science fiction and stand-up comedy.








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