About the book

Hugo Borst has been acting as a family caregiver for over three years now, caring for his 86-year-old mother who’s suffering from dementia. In a heartwrenching yet often humorous manner he writes about the far-reaching consequences of her declining spirit. While addressing the inevitable move to an elderly home, Borst reminisces about his youth and about his mother in better times. Mom is a loving and beautifully written portrait of a mother and her son.


Good to know

  • Based on a successful column in the AD newspaper, receiving a lot of response from readers every week.
  • Borst is a prolific author writing about various subjects, with soccer and family being the main themes.
  • His book About Fathers and Sons sold over 90.000 copies, O, Louis sold over 40.000 copies in the Netherlands alone, is a big hit in the UK and was nominated for the Cross British Sports Book Award.


About the author

Hugo Borst (1962) is a writer, columnist (AD, Esquire), editor (Hard Gras, a literary football magazine), and football journalist. In the United Kingdom he’s mostly known for his bestselling biography of Louis van Gaal, O, Louis, about which the Guardian commented, “The final World Cup chapters are glorious. I’ve read excellent books about football before but never one that I found unsettling.”



'Part biography and part internal monologue, it is genuinely hilarious – and does not lack the odd piercing insight.’ John Bew, New Statesman

‘A hugely entertaining free-form biography.’ Richard Williams, The Guardian

"One of the best football writers I have ever read" Simon Kuper

"With O, Louis Hugo Borst once again proves that he is one of the best sports writers of the Netherlands, although the adjective ‘sports’ can just as easily be left out"

"A splendid document, in which Borst describes his search for the ‘Total Human Being’ Van Gaal in an honest, open-hearted and vulnerable way" Friesch Dagblad

"Funny, passionate, probably honest, and a bit of a winger with the words. The final World Cup chapters are glorious. I’ve read excellent books about football before but never one that I found unsettling" Roddy Doyle, The Guardian

"It’s a keen insight into a larger-than-life personality" Sport


Excerpt from Mom

Mom has been here for three weeks now and she’s at it again every day. I’d rather not go visit her for a while.
“It’s awful here,” she says. Then she keeps silent. Ostentatiously.
I put my hand on her knee.
She points to the top of her head and says, “It might be better if you just bash my head in.”
“That would land me in jail, mom.”
“That’s true,” she replies, and she ponders and that’s what I do too, pondering. Pondering about her yearning for a coup de grâce.
Here or there?



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