Ibiza, the eighties. At the dawn of the techno and ecstasy era a lonely teenager sees her world going into a tailspin. Marianne, born on the island to a hippy mother and a drug dealing father, is trying to keep the pieces of her life together while one of her parents is in prison in England and the other is chasing her own dreams. When an officer from the notorious Guardia Civil offers her a ride and shelter, unexpectedly, Marianne’s imagination takes over. Deeply fascinated by the officer she embarks on a vodka and XTC- fuelled journey, trying to build a bridge between two worlds that weren’t meant to meet. With her father’s villa on the verge of confiscation and her mother’s rickety sense of reason plummeting to unmanageable depths, Marianne’s fascination for the Guardia grows into a dangerous obsession. In a devastating haze of alcohol and drugs she might well be driving not only herself, but everyone close to her to the brink of destruction.

Ibiza’s Child is a novel about obsession – blinding, all-consuming obsession – and about a desperate search for parental love, a home, a fatherland. It is also a book about Ibiza: Ibiza as only one who was born on the island or has lived there for many years can know it. A genuine, bizarre, enigmatic, magnificent, deadly, never-to-be-encapsulated Ibiza.



Ibiza’s Child was Lebowski’s lead title spring 2015 and was very positively reviewed

• Complete English translation available. Read a sample here

• Ending received the Dutch First Novel Award for After Valentine, in 2004

• Author is fluent in both English and Spanish

• Translations will be subsidized by het Nederlands Letterenfonds


Esther J. Ending (1972) grew up on the island of Ibiza. She moved to the Netherlands permanently in 1994 and debuted in 2004 with the novel After Valentine, for which she received the prestigious Debut Prize. Her second novel Silent People came out in 2012.



“Extremely captivating and moving. Must-read for everyone who loves Ibiza.” Saskia Noort (writer)

“A dazzling novel straight from Ibiza’s womb.” Thomas Rosenboom (writer)

“Beautiful sentences… striking soft images… A revealing portrait of the dark side of Ibiza, boldly portrayed.” Jan Cremer (writer)

“Fabulous novel! Absolute must-read for everyone going to Ibiza. Absolute must-read for everyone else, too!” Bart Chabot (writer)

“I read her book in one go. This is something special, and utterly painful. Sex bits are done sublimely.” Geerten Meijsing (writer)

“Ending describes the deeper layers of loneliness astonishingly well.” Jan Bor (philosopher)



“In her third novel, Esther J. Ending outlines a credible image of a beautiful, wicked island, as idyllic as it is corrupt. A novel with a clear span, half thriller, half love story. Both halves gradually but inevitably grow towards each other.” Het Parool

Ibiza’s Child is brilliant novel, showing two sides to the sea: wild and untamable in the occurrences, but stable, strong and solid in the writing. Ending leads you along gently and lets you listen to the lapping of the tide, but also brings in the occasional thunder. As such, this is one of those uncommonly well-written books in a light coming-of-age genre. With Ending’s local familiarity, it never gets crude, predictable or sentimental. The loss of ideals is palpable throughout the entire book, but is never melodramatic. An absolute must-read.” Cutting Edge

“This captivating novel takes the reader to Ibiza in the late 80’s, encompassing all the aspects of Sodom and Gomorrah.” Ibiza Today

“As in her first two novels, Ending’s writing style is pleasantly smooth. The reader is taken naturally with the flow. Unnoticed, one is sucked into the vortex of the main character. Well-dosed small elements. Accurate, spot-on rhetoric. Ending has grown as a writer yet again.” Tzum

“A catchy novel about a dangerous infatuation.” Linda Magazine

“A fascinating and compelling novel about a young woman searching for love in a world filled with drugs, lies and desperation.” Hebban

Ibiza's Child is an exceptionally well-written, captivating and vibrant novel. The story keeps close to reality; implausible or unnecessary sentences are carefully avoided. The trampled party island emerges reasonably unscathed, because Ending shows the reader a 'true' Ibiza: rural fincas. dusty dirt roads, quiet pine forests and ancient olive trees.Monique van Gaal, Recensieweb

“Read Esther J. Ending, Ibiza’s Child! A novel propelled by gut emotion, poignant and authentic, about an upbringing as full of destruction and violence as it is vibrant with life… Wonderful descriptions of the island…” Ingrid Hoogervorst (writer and critic Tros Nieuwsshow)



“A brilliant, absurd and poignant reading sensation that lingers on.” Shyama in Boekenland

“To be honest, I initially had little confidence in this book. A novel about Ibiza? In conjunction with themes like loneliness and the search for parental love? […] But I admit: I was wrong. […] You might call ‘Ibiza’s Child’ a coming-of-age novel. But an astoundingly well-written one, about a girl adrift. The emptiness, superficiality, self-preoccupied adults […] delivers an unexpectedly enjoyable book that is not only a compelling read, but also truly exciting at times. Recommended!” Scriptgirl

 “A beautiful story, written in a pleasant style, with striking, never excessive descriptions of the island and great dialogue.” De Leestafel





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