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Nobody will tell you how to live your life. When you’re expecting a child, you have numerous libraries filled with parental advice at your disposal, but where to find the lessons of life when you reach maturity? Who will tell you how to deal with matters of love, death, friendship, career, and children? Claudia de Breij (40) is asking herself these questions and seeks advice from a select group of wise men and women – among them politicians, writers, artists, and her hairdresser. Candidly and kindly, they share their wisdom and tell De Breij how they went about doing things. Funny, moving, but always inspiring, these heartfelt lessons are guaranteed to help you deal with the turmoils of life.


Good to know

  • What our elders can teach us: life lessons
  • Claudia de Breij's previous book sold 50000 copies
  • A candid and funny book stuffed with advice from people Claudia de Breij admires because of their strong personalities
  • A book that will harness the reader for the ‘second half’



About the author

Claudia de Breij is a famous comedian, TV host, and writer. She has staged seven successful solo shows. For her latest – Hot Peace – she received the Poelifinario, an award for the best show of the year. Her first book, a hilarious and alternative guide to expecting a baby, sold over 50,000 copies. 



Right until the final stages of puberty, things are well organized. And documented. But after that, somewhere around your 24th birthday, all of a sudden things quiet down. You’re on your own. When you are at a loss, people tell you to just talk to your friends, or sign up for yoga class. Sure, you can buy the latest self-help guide or go into therapy, or even waste your time for a while with some ex-manager-turned-life-coach-after-his-first-burn-out. Fact is, nobody tells you what to do anymore. And that’s fine. But sometimes it isn’t. There are times when you wish someone would just say, ‘I know this, I experienced this myself. And this is how I dealt with it.’ That would really help.


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