Paramaribo, sometime in the nearby future. After a dike burst the town is flooded. The inhabitants have left: only the gold-diggers, fishermen and prostitutes have stayed behind.  Self-imposed laws govern the town and at the helm is Jean Christoph, who tries to keep things going with an iron fist.

Enter his brother, Joshua. Twenty years earlier he left for Holland with his mother, fleeing the water. He’s never been able to settle in and now tries to find a house in the country of his birth.  Joshua is being submerged in a chaotic community where only the fittest survive. He meets flamboyant figures like the mysterious Aparecida, the melancholic singer Eddy and the violent twins Roy en Ray. Ambrose, the dead boy appearing in his dreams, makes disturbing predictions. When the situation in town is getting out of hand, Joshua’s quest for a home ends in a spiritual expedition into the meaning of life.

In Waterhunter Polanen creates an exotic, dreamlike world and he takes the reader along in a swirling story about brotherly love, alienation and desire.


Chris Polanen (1963) is a vet in Amsterdam’s Southeast district. The author was born and bred in Surinam and immigrated to Holland when he was twenty. He started writing to get over his homesickness. He wrote columns and short stories that were published in both Holland and Surinam. In 2011 he won the most prestigious literary award in Surinam for his short story Carnaval.



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